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Extremely Useful and Incredibly Creative

I’ve been using this bike for an hour a day about four days a week for a few months now. This bike is amazing. It is SUCH an amazing invention for people like me, who don’t have a car because of the environment and also because of the price and upkeep.

I use this bike to get my kids to their babysitter (after which I take a regular bike to college), and it so useful.

The steering is different than a regular bike. It took me about a day to get used to it. Listen to the instructions and DON’T ride it for the first time with your kids in it! The bike is pretty sensitive to turns, and when you ride on a slope, the bike will turn in the direction of the slope, so when you’re riding past a sloping driveway, you have to keep your handles straight.

Anyway. This bike was not difficult for even the technically-challenged me to assemble, and it is VERY STURDY. I feel very secure biking with this. It is also surprisingly smooth and fast for something so big and heavy. It’s not the lightest thing in the world to bike, but it really is very smooth and not as heavy as you would think it is based on appearance.

The rain covers are great. I have two seats, and both my kids are covered with the regular rain hood and the special hood for the second child seat.

The basket is nice (and the heaviest part of the bike- used to balance). I use it to store my groceries when I stop by the store on my way home- it can hold about half to three quarters of a hand-basket (with my two rain covers inside as well).

The bike is really easy to switch. I hardly every do it because I have other strollers, and this is pretty heavy for a stroller, and also doesn’t turn well in stroller mode (but great in bike mode). I just keep it in bike mode in stores, and everyone exclaims over it. Lots of attention.

It comes apart easily to go into a car.

The seats of very comfortable for the kids, with good harness straps. I do wish they had a sort of strap across the chest for both seats like they have in car seats. I would feel more secure with those.

I have two seats, and the second one looks very small, but apparently can fit older children. Mine is currently eight months.

I also wish that the straps were able to be longer, especially on the first seat. It’s very hard to buckle the straps on my two year old when she is wearing her bulky winter coat, and I want to use this when she is older and bigger too.

The Kenda tires it comes with don’t hold up so well for me- I have had to buy new tires/tubes a few times, but I also go over lots of glass and sidewalk cracks, unfortunately.

All in all, this is really an AMAZING product. The concept is fantastic and it really is flexible, quick, safe, and so so useful. I LOVE the Taga bike.

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